Game against Utah ranks highest in past four years

In reflection on this weekend, which I know was the greatest football experience, if not the greatest experience of any kind during my four years here at TCU, many of the other great football games I’ve taken in came back to me one by one. So, to honor this weekend, the growth of TCU football and my four years here at TCU, I ranked my top five games in the past four years:

1. 2009 TCU 55, Utah 28

Nothing since the 1935 SMU vs. TCU game can compare to the experience of this past weekend. It was a weekend of firsts, beginning with the first College GameDay visit to TCU. Next came the first time the Horned Frogs wore their new Nike Pro Combat uniforms. With a record setting crowd, the “Go Frogs” chant never sounded better, and it was an amazing weekend to be a Horned Frog.

2. 2008 TCU 32, BYU 7

The next best thing to this year’s Utah game. On a Thursday night, most of the nation’s attention was directed toward Fort Worth. Close to the same amount of electricity filtered through the crowd, and the student section erupted just as much with each Frog score. Before this season, you would be hard pressed to see anyone talk about the Frogs on ESPN without seeing a highlight from this game.

3. 2008 TCU 17, Boise State 16

This Poinsettia Bowl marked the battle of the undesirables. This game matched up the two failed BCS busters to see who was the best of the rest. Yet another day to wear purple proudly because everyone knew the Frogs were a force to be reckoned with.

4. 2008 TCU 10, Utah 13

Before I get nasty hate mail, take the week before the game into consideration. Before we knew the Frogs would have their season dashed in the last minute of this matchup, this was to be “the greatest game in Horned Frog history.” . I remember the campus size cloud of depression that hung over TCU the rest of that week. Only a game of catastrophic magnitude can cause a reaction of the entire student body like that.

5. 2008 TCU 31, Stanford 14

While in the grand scope of TCU football this might be just a blip on the radar, it was the massive hurricane that engulfed the radar that made this one interesting. I was proud of how many TCU students bought, or made, ponchos and survived the storm that crashed down on “Hell’s Half Acre.” The intermittent but unanimous chants of “Ike, Ike, Ike” throughout the student section pumped up the crowd were unforgettable.

Sports Editor Travis L. Brown is a news-editorial journalism major from Dallas.