Students should take advantage of democratic debate

With the Texas gubernatorial election still a little less than a year away and Frog football hysteria gripping most of the city and the university, it might be difficult for students to suddenly shift into political mode. But tonight’s debate between four Democratic primary candidates for Texas governor is an opportunity of which all students should take advantage.

The TCU Democrats – a group that hopes to energize the area’s democratic youth vote with tonight’s event – should be commended for putting the debate together. Tom Schieffer and Kinky Friedman are two familiar names, and getting them to visit the campus, along with Felix Alvarado and Hank Gilbert, was likely no small feat.

Tonight’s debate, and other events like it, should encourage students to take a more active role in their government. Yes, young people hear that statement all the time, but far too often college-aged students take a back seat when it comes to politics, forgetting that their choices and involvement could greatly impact their lives in the future.

The Democrats and Republicans will select their nominees for governor in March after the primary elections take place. Students and other young people should take time between now and then to familiarize themselves with all of the candidates running for office in order to make an educated choice on election day. Voting for a name does about as much good as arriving at the polls blindfolded.

So go to tonight’s debate, get to know the candidates on the Democratic ticket and take the necessary steps toward making the state you live in – and go to school in – a better place.

News editor Michael Carroll for the editorial board.