University should rethink Christmas tree location

University should rethink Christmas tree location

Bah humbug to the university officials who thought it was a jolly idea to move the traditional campus Christmas tree from the steps of Sadler Hall to the Campus Commons, a supposed higher traffic location.

While the new location will no doubt be aesthetically pleasing, it is safe to say that the tree will make a great centerpiece for the residential students who are on that side of campus on a daily basis.

The university would have done a great favor to all students if it had simply asked for feedback from all students on whether the Christmas tree should be moved to a new location. While the powers that be are pushing for the newly renovated Campus Commons to become the new center of campus, there are still many students, mostly non-residential, who hardly ever make a trip to that part of campus unless they have a meal plan.

The university’s Christmas tree and all the activities that surround it are important to not only the students, but the surrounding community as well. And while it doesn’t make financial sense to have two Christmas trees, it is nice for the local community to at least see one Douglas-fir as they drive their cars through campus. Perhaps the Campus Commons is becoming the new spirit of campus, but for now the university should keep with tradition and let the steps of Sadler be decked with the spirit of Christmas.

Web editor Rose Baca for the editorial board.