Alcohol violations show lack of restraint

Given that alcohol violations have increased 70 percent this fall as compared to last, it is abundantly clear that students living on campus need to exercise more discretion in their consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Such a marked increase in the occurrence of the violations shows that dorm room get-togethers and groups returning from a night out are quickly evolving into loud nuisances to other residents of on-campus living facilities.

Also, students need to keep in mind that the risk of getting into an accident or being sexually assaulted greatly increases when under the influence. Given the several incidences of sexual assaults on campus this year, though none have been admittedly alcohol related, it’s a good idea to stay away from excessive alcohol consumption to safeguard against more.

The university’s choice to laud the fact that 70 percent of Horned Frogs choose not to drink and drive also sounds alarm bells. While meant to convey a sense of responsible drinking on the part of the majority of the university’s students, the fact that 30 percent of students do choose to drink and drive seems like a problem. It is most definitely not something to be praised.

Alcohol and partying are becoming more a part of the American college landscape every day. So when students can and will party, they should keep in mind that drinking under the age of 21 carries inherent risks – and that responsible decision-making knows no age limit.

Editor-in-chief David Hall for the editorial board.