Improve TCU Day sparks creative suggestions

Out of more than 400 students that submitted ideas for change on campus during Improve TCU Day, only one suggested floating the Brown-Lupton University Union above the ground using helium balloons.

This, and many other more practical ideas, were submitted to the Student Relations Committee of the Student Government Association by students writing on graffiti boards around campus or talking to representatives at booths stationed around campus two weeks ago.

Myra Mills, senior music education major and chairwoman of the Student Relations Committee, said while the event had a great turnout, numbers were not the highest priority.

“One good idea would have made the whole event worthwhile, and we received plenty of suggestions,” Mills said.

Some of the more common suggestions were a parking garage, meal plan changes, and lower tuition, Mills said. She said these suggestions were not always accompanied by feasible solutions, but the results show the administrators that these are valid, and shared concerns.

Alex Collins, sophomore class representative, said people were very willing to offer their opinions.

Mills said that the committee also received some unusual suggestions that showed students’ creative side.

“Some of my favorites were things like ‘puppies and bunnies to play with during finals week,’ or ‘make the BLUU float via helium balloons,'” Mills said. “There’s no way the BLUU is going to float like the house on “Up,” but just to stop and think about it brought a smile to my committee.”

Mills said the event gathered more ideas and less complaints than last year.

Almost all ideas will be considered for implementation on campus, Mills said. The committee will compile a list of ideas, pick a few to work on, and then pass the list along to other committees and administrators. Committees like Dinning Services, Campus Advancement, Programming Council, and SGA Executive Branch will address other ideas, as well as departments like TCU Police and the library. Some of the ideas that the Student Relations Committee said they wished to address included editing the shuttle schedule, making campus cash available at sporting events, keeping Market Square open one hour later, and stocking marshmallows near the hot chocolate, Mills said.

The three most creative ideas were awarded $25 iTunes gift cards. The first prize was given to a student who suggested a daylight savings time notification because international students are often unaware of the standard time change.

The second prize was given to a student who submitted two ideas. The student suggested that students should be able to use Campus Cash at football games, and the addition of a bike rack near Samuelson outside Market Square.

Lastly, a prize was given to a student who wanted a place to buy supplies, like Scantrons and pens, in the library.

Senior nursing major Tory Becker said reaching out to students for new ideas and suggestions for the university is important.

“I hope they follow through on the ideas people submitted, like the marshmallows with the hot chocolate and changing the shuttle schedule so it’s more convenient,” Becker said.