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University brews up its own brand of coffee

Dining services has teamed up with a local coffee brewing company to provide another gift option for students to take home this winter break.

Aduro Bean Micro-Roasters has created a blend of coffee exclusively for the university, said Kelly Raw, marketing manager for Dining Services.

Although the university name and logo have not yet been approved for use in the brand, the blend is now available by the cup at Union Grounds. It will be available in bags to brew at home before the semester is over and will continue after the holidays, said Nancy Crabb, manager and chief marketer of Aduro Bean Micro-Roasters.

“We’re excited about it,” Crabb said. “Our hope is that things migrate to where our coffee gets ordered at Union Grounds as opposed to Starbucks.”

The blend was designed by Rupert Crabb, manager and chief roaster of Aduro Bean Micro-Roasters.

“It’s a delightfully malty and chocolaty blend with a hint of spice,” Rupert Crabb said. “That’s because of a very unique bean we use.”

Rupert Crabb said the bean is processed differently than most coffee beans.

“They put it in a big warehouse during the monsoon season and leave all of the windows open,” he said. “It allows the bean to suck up the monsoon moisture. They add a malty, peppery spice to the blend.”

“What we like about our product, aside from the fact that it’s ours, is that it’s not mass-produced,” Nancy Crabb said. “It’s a high-quality product. It is fair trade and organic.”

Raw said the university appreciates local businesses.

“It feels good to have our consumers buy stuff that goes straight into the community,” she said.

The blend was decided on in a taste test, Raw said.

“They gave us about eight profiles of coffee blends,” she said.

The dining committee voted and narrowed the eight to three, she said.

“Students and faculty could come by and have a free sample of three coffees,” Raw said. “It was a blind tasting, so they didn’t know which was which and neither did we. The blend that won is currently being produced.”

The winning blend is available by the cup at Union Grounds in three sizes: tall, grande and venti for $1.65, $1.85 and $2.00, respectively.

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