UT, Nebraska coaches talk Frog football

Despite their focus on the Big 12 Championship game tomorrow, University of Texas head coach Mack Brown and University of Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini talked briefly about TCU football.

Brown sent praises in Fort Worth’s direction for the job the Frogs have done this season.

“TCU has earned the right to be considered as good as anyone in the country,” Brown said. “They’ve done a tremendous job and I am really proud for them. “

When asked if Texas was the best team in the state, he said the only way to find out is on the gridiron.

“The way our system is set up, who knows until we see how it plays out,” Brown said. “We can all sit around and say, ‘Was Ricky Williams better than Jim Brown?’ and nobody will ever know. We can all speculate who is the best team and the ones who like the purple will say they are, and the ones that like the orange will say they are. And all it is is about chatter. That’s the fallacy in my mind and our system right now. So unless the two teams play on Saturday, you don’t even know who the best programs are, you have to figure out who the best team on that day is.”

Brown also had praises for Frog head coach Gary Patterson and his job this year.

“Gary Patterson is a great friend of mine, he and Kelsey, he has done a tremendous job coaching and he’s done as good of job coaching as anyone in the country,” Brown said.

In 2001 the Frogs played the Cornhuskers in Lincoln, taking an opening game loss. Their play down the stretch helped push the Cornhuskers into the BCS National Championship game, when strength of schedule was factored into the BCS rankings. Pelini discussed the Frog football team and help they could give them now.

“They’ve had a tremendous year,” Pelini said. “I know Coach Patterson and what they’ve accomplished. I know they have to be proud sitting there undefeated. I can say this, we are not playing this game for them. I’ll gladly shake his hand if we’re able to help them out. Obviously TCU deserves a lot of respect for what they’ve been able to accomplish this year.

The No. 3 Longhorns take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Big 12 Championship game at Cowboys Stadium Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

If Texas were to lose, they would fall from the ranks of the unbeaten, giving the Frogs a shot at the National Championship, many experts say.

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