Letter to the Editor: Student film is something to see

As producer of the film “Dormitory of Doom,” I’m going to have to come to the defense of my movie. The date it’s being screened is not the only thing wrong in the article (it’s actually being shown on Dec. 9, not on Dec. 6).

I would first just like to offer another critic’s opinion. Even though she is the Features Editor, Katie Ruppel is not a movie critic; previous articles written by her reveal this. However, FTDM student Marshall Doig is a published movie critic. Marshall Doig wrote a review of his own on his blog on Rotten Tomatoes, in which he gave the movie 4 out of 5 stars, calling it “an excellent spoof of the horror/slasher genre.” Marshall claims that “the jokes actually have some wit, brains and entertainment value” and that director Daniel Chapman and I “definitely have a feel for how to make a horror spoof.” Katie says the movie has bad acting; Marshall says the acting is “cheesy when it’s meant to be and works when it’s supposed to.” In other words, the acting works perfectly with the hilarity of the movie!

“Dormitory of Doom” has already been screened in the BLUU Auditorium a couple times and more than 150 people have seen it. What is surprising is they all seemed to have the same opinion of it as Marshall. Throughout the showing, the audience would roar with laughter and applause. Dozens of people who have seen it have told me how much they truly enjoyed it. More than 50 people have bought the DVD. Would they really have done that if the movie was as bad as Katie says it is?

Of course Katie is entitled to her opinion, but that is the point. It is only one person’s opinion. I want to encourage all of you to come see the movie Wednesday, Dec. 9, at 8 p.m. in the BLUU Auditorium and decide for yourself how great this movie is. Even if you don’t like it, we’re still going to have “Shaun of the Dead” screened after it!

George Cagle is a senior radio-TV-film major.