Frog fans make Fiesta Bowl travel plans

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Many TCU fans plan on traveling to Glendale, Ariz. to watch TCU play Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 4.

Seniors Melissa Mackey and Brittany Moore plan to fly to Arizona with a group of about 20 friends and family members and tailgate before the game. Makey and Moore had reserved airline tickets even before they knew the bowl game in which TCU would play.

Mackey said she and Moore are looking forward to the game.

“It’ll be a really good time. We think the boys will play their best game ever, make everyone in Fort Worth so proud, and show the nation how their hard work pays off,” Mackey said.

Sophomore philosophy major Taylor Thompson plans on flying to Arizona with a few friends to watch the game.

“We definitely should have gotten another bowl, but I’m still really excited about the game. We beat Boise State last year, but it’s always fun to watch them get destroyed,” Thompson said.

Some students had intended on going to different bowl games, but changed their plans after it was announced that TCU would play the Broncos in the Fiesta Bowl.

Senior nursing major Mandy Toups said, “I was going to go if the game was in New Orleans or we played a bigger team, but since we’re playing Boise State again, I’m just staying home.”

Toups said that because TCU has beaten Boise State before, she did not want to spend an extraordinary amount to attend the Fiesta Bowl.

Senior Shayna Bauman agreed with Toups.

“I was looking forward to the game when I thought we would be playing a team we had never faced before. Since we’re just playing Boise State again, I don’t think it’s worth the airline miles,” Bauman said.