Students guaranteed ticket to Fiesta Bowl

Students guaranteed ticket to Fiesta Bowl

The athletics department made it a point to fill ticket requests for every student who wants to attend the Fiesta Bowl, the athletics director said. Chris Del Conte, athletics director, said that despite a campuswide e-mail that said 2,325 of 17,500 tickets the university was allotted would be reserved for students, “not one student will be turned away” if he or she requests a ticket.

Sean Conner, director of ticket operations, said that after students buy their tickets, about 2,000 tickets will be distributed among players’ families, coaches’ families, the chancellor’s office and trustees. The rest of the tickets will go to members of the Frog Club.

Members of the Frog Club are ranked using the Horned Frog Priority Point system, which uses a formula that is slightly less complicated than the one used to determine the BCS standings. It takes into consideration how long a member has been a season ticket holder and how many seats they purchased during the 2009 season. Donations are also figured into the formula.

Donors who are ranked from No. 1 to 250 have the option to buy up to 10 Fiesta Bowl tickets, 251-500 could purchase up to eight, 501-750 could buy six, 751-1000 have the option for four and No. 1,001 and up could purchase two.

The Horned Frog Priority Point system has been in place since the end of the 2006 season and has been used for each bowl game since then, in addition to key road games such as Texas and Oklahoma.

Del Conte said if the university sells all 17,500 tickets, then it would ask the Fiesta Bowl administration for more.

“I just told the guys from the Fiesta Bowl, I brought a can of purple paint,” he said. “We’re coming to paint Phoenix purple, and every one of our fans should come out and do the same thing.”

Tickets to the game can already be found on many ticket Web sites, including StubHub, where one ticket costs as much as $3,500 and on TicketsNow where a fan could spend $1,102 on a game ticket.

Del Conte stressed that to make a national impression, selling all the tickets is a must. “We need every single person that has a pulse, that is a fan of TCU to make sure they show up in Phoenix on Jan. 4,” Del Conte said.