Parking closure lacked prompt warning

For the past few years, TCU has been proactive in building and remodeling infrastructure. This helps maintain a campus that current students can be proud of and prospective students can admire. However, poor communication created a headache for commuting students who found themselves having a particularly troublesome time finding a parking spot.

Over the winter break, the university broke ground on the new admissions building in what was formerly a commuter parking lot. Though an announcement Tuesday from TCU Parking and Transportation Services emphasized that there are other lots available for commuter parking, all are exceedingly far away from the heart of campus, and some students reported being late to class because they didn’t know the lot was closed.

University officials said more parking lots are in the works to replace those spots that were lost to the admissions building. Though students will surely welcome the news, late notice about the parking lot closure and possible alternatives created problems for students who were not in town for the holidays and had not seen the construction before their first class Monday.

While students appreciate the university’s expansion and administrators’ efforts to address their parking woes, the administration should give advanced warning to its students about possible inconveniences so they can plan accordingly.

News editor Libby Davis for the editorial board.