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MLK Day an opportunity for community involvement

Martin Luther King Jr. Day might be a holiday, but some students won’t be taking the day off.

The university is now participating in the MLK Day of Service, said Melissa Gruver, coordinator for community involvement.

By noon on Monday, student volunteers will be working with community agencies, such as Neighbor Helping Neighbor, Samaritan House and Buchner Family Services, Gruver said.

Gary Briggs,Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity president, and Brittany Shamlin, NAACP president for the university’s chapter, are leading the project.

Gruver said that various student organizations on campus like Alpha Phi Omega, the Black Student Association and the Multicultural Greek Council signed up to participate.

“I’m glad that we are taking advantage of this day to make it more than just another holiday or another day to sleep in and not go to class,” Shamlin said. “I’m excited that. we’ve had such an amazing response to the day, being that it’s a new event. We weren’t quite sure how people would respond to it, but it’s been great turnout.”

Shamlin said there were about 55 students registered to participate in MLK Day of Service.

Jamarri Aikins, a senior psychology major, said he heard about the event through the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and thought he should help out.

“I think this is a great opportunity for everybody to kind of live in his shoes and look at some of the things that he did,” Aikins said.

Students can visit for more information about MLK Day of Service.

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