Rifle team hopes to keep winning streak against the Cornhuskers

After a two-match sweep of Air Force last weekend, the rifle team (6-1) will travel to Lincoln, Neb. to face the Cornhuskers on Saturday.

The team is looking to continue a six-match winning streak as well as a second straight win over Nebraska this season, but will have to do so without two of its best shooters, head coach Karen Monez said.

TCU last defeated Nebraska 4,651-4,615 on Nov. 21 in a match where multiple Horned Frogs set personal bests.

Those same shooters who set personal bests, however, will not be competing at Nebraska on Saturday.

Freshmen shooters Sarah Beard and Sarah Scherer will be in Munich, Germany to compete with the U.S. rifle team this weekend, Monez said.

Beard and Scherer have been two of the four shooters whose scores have been totaled for the team’s aggregate, or total, team score this season.

“We can still produce a winning score at this match,” Monez said. “This is the third year we’ve shot at Nebraska and we’ve never lost to them. The seniors are totally capable of getting a win.”

While Monez did not believe traveling to matches away from TCU affected the team’s performance overall, senior Emily Paper said more experienced shooters on the team had the advantage of knowing the nuisances of each shooting range.

“Lighting is what can affect performance,” Paper said. “I write in a journal to help me keep track of the things to remember about each (shooting) range.”

Although Beard and Scherer will not be shooting Saturday, Paper said the depth of the team has been a large contribution to this season’s success.

Freshman Caitlin Morrissey said she would most likely be shooting for one of the four scores that compile the team score.

“We’ve got the seniors’ experience and scores to get us through,” Morrissey said.

Morrissey, who shot personal bests in air rifle and smallbore this season, will look to beat her own personal bests this weekend, she said.

While the team looks to build on a five-match winning streak, Nebraska’s season has also been defined by streaks.

Nebraska’s current three-match losing streak followed a five-match win streak.

Nebraska’s third-straight defeat came in a 4,618-4,597 loss at Murray State on Sunday.
Of 25 NCAA Division I schools who sponsor rifle teams, TCU and Nebraska are two of nine schools who sponsor all-women’s teams, Monez said.

“Physically there is nothing to hinder (women) compared to males in this sport,” Monez said with a wide grin. “In fact, they may be more focused and disciplined.”