University’s success leading to more national attention and admissions

This semester, we returned to our beautiful campus with Scharbauer Hall finished and open for business. The Campus Commons vision has finally been finished. I remember visiting campus for the first time four years ago to find nothing but dirt where our new Student Union, the latest academic building and four awesome residence halls now stand.

Just when I thought we would get a break from being “Texas Construction University,” I drove by Berry Sreet and saw the fence around the parking lot across the University Recreation Center. I had heard about a new admissions building being planned, but I wasn’t aware of the location. Later, I was able to get a hold of some sketches of the new building, and I learned what its purpose was going to be. I was very pleased with what I saw. The new building will serve as a beautiful entrance to campus from the south end of Berry Street. I congratulate the university for having such a dedicated, professional and effective team recruiting our future frogs.

Many students, including myself, fell in love with the university after participating in the Mondays at TCU. The personal attention and the friendly tour guides made me feel right at home. After attending Monday at TCU, the admissions staff stayed in touch with me and made the hectic college search process a little easier. On top of the guides, the online resources are incredible. The average high school senior gets most of his or her prospective college information online. Quick to anticipate this, TCU has continuously adapted to the interests and needs of students utilizing accounts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and, most recently, iTunes. With the addition of an admissions building currently under construction and the additional recruitment strategies we have in place, I think many high school graduates will consider TCU in the future.

I predict that admission applications will continue to increase while the admission rate decreases. When I was a freshman, Provost Nowell Donovan told us during orientation that TCU was the hidden gem of the Southwest; I don’t think we’re a hidden gem anymore. I don’t know if I would have been accepted if I had applied today, but I do know I like the direction the university’s national reputation and recognition is going.

Student Body President Marlon Figueroa is a junior finance and accounting major from San Juan, Puerto Rico. His column runs Thursdays every two weeks.