Committee should seek feedback from Froggie Five-O staff

The Student Government Association passed a resolution last week that encourages the university to consider stretching weekend hours for security escort Froggie Five-O. The service currently runs from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. every day.

The proposal will be reviewed by the Safety and Security Committee, an ad hoc group formed by campus police and university officials din the fall to examine campus safety needs. The committee should seek feedback from Froggie Five-O staff to see whether staff members are willing to work additional hours during the weekend.
Many students are unaware of a similar pick-up service provided by university security guards, who also utilize golf carts, but are available for student use 24 hours a day. Although students may be more comfortable with other students driving them, especially if they’ve been consuming alcohol, the most important point is getting home safely. Also, the security guards do not have the same authority as TCU Police and cannot issue tickets or violations. Therefore, there should be no reason for students relegating themselves to walking home at night if they feel unsafe or under the influence of alcohol.

The workers at Froggie Five-O are students, too, and thus have their own school responsibilities. However, if they work just one extra hour each week, they will likely have plenty of time for homework and studying.

Whether students call the university’s security guards or Froggie Five-O and whether Froggie Five-O’s hours are extended, students should know they have options available to them and should be able to make responsible, safe decisions about getting to their destinations around campus.

Opinion editor Andrea Bolt for the editorial board.