Frogs to play at Cowboys Stadium

The Horned Frogs will play the Oregon State Beavers at Cowboys Stadium on Sept. 4 during their 2010 football season, a university official said.

Jack Hesselbrock, associate athletics director for football, said university officials met with Oregon State and Dallas officials Monday. Oregon State has already signed its contract, and TCU is currently reviewing its contract with the university’s legal council, he said. The contract will address issues such as ticket allocation and expected attendance. Hesselbrock said the contract would be signed within the next couple of days.

Sportswriter, author and TCU alumnus Dan Jenkins said this game will only help the university. He said it’s a great stage for TCU to be on and could open a lot of doors.

“It’s a great way to start the season,” Jenkins said. “And if we win that game, it’ll have everything to say about what kind of season we’re going to have.”

Jenkins said Oregon State is a good football team, but will not bring as many people to the game as the Horned Frogs, who he said will fill Cowboys Stadium with about 30,000 fans.

“That place is so huge that you can have 60,000 and it’ll look half empty,” Jenkins said.

According to the AT&T Inc. Cotton Bowl Web site, the 2009 Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium attracted 88,175 fans.

The expected attendance is unknown, but more information will be available next week, Hesselbrock said.