Car accident reported on West Cantey Street and Stadium Drive

Police said no injuries were reported following a car accident at about 11:45 a.m. Monday at the intersection of West Cantey Street and Stadium Drive.

Katy Cardno, a freshman pre-major, said she was turning left on West Cantey Street when a Chevy Tahoe ran the stop sign and struck her Hummer H3. There was damage to the front of both vehicles and her vehicle had to be towed, she said.

Cardno said the woman driving the Chevy Tahoe is from Louisiana and might not be familiar with the area. She said the woman was driving north on Stadium Drive and ran the stop sign because a bus that was dropping off children was blocking it from her view. Cardno said she is not injured.

The driver of the Tahoe had a passenger in the car, she said.

Sgt. Alvin Allcon of the TCU Police said the department received a call that described the wreck as a “bad accident.” The university officer who first arrived at the accident determined there were no injuries and that there was no traffic hazard, he said. Once informed of the accident, campus police called the Fort Worth Police Department, Allcon said.

Sgt. Chad Mahaffey, public information officer for Fort Worth Police, said the Fort Worth officer who arrived at the accident also determined that there were no injuries.

After the accident, Cardno, and the other driver and passenger got out and talked to each other to make sure everyone was OK, Cardno said. The passenger of the Tahoe said she hit her head on the windshield but later told Cardno her head was fine, Cardno said.

The woman driving the Tahoe was unavailable for comment.