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Student organizations show support for gubernatorial election

Leaders of two student political organizations voiced their support Tuesday for students who voted in the gubernatorial primaries elections and spoke about their respective organizations’ roles in the voting process.

While only a handful of university students showed up at the Paschal High School polling location, both leaders said it was important for students to participate in the elections.

Michael Bennett, chairman of TCU College Republicans, said members helped out with various campaigns and were at polling sites handing out flyers.

“Regardless of party, you should have something you believe in and want to see some kind of a step towards that and should find the best candidate to further your beliefs and vote for him or her,” Bennett said.

Greg Snow, president of TCU Democrats, said his organization endorsed Houston mayor Bill White for governor because of the number of jobs he created in Houston and his stance on education, such as his proposal that students pay off tuition costs through public service.

Snow said he respects people who voted in the election even if they voted differently than he did.

“One thing I do not have sympathy for is people that are apathetic and people that complain about things, but they never even want to participate,” he said. “If you went out and voted today, I have tons of respect for you, even though I may disagree with you, because you are being an agent for change.”

At the voting station at Paschal High School, university alumnus Larry Falcone, ’76, stressed the importance of voting. Falcone said voting in the primaries is just as important as voting in general elections because the primaries allow citizens to cull out the best candidates.

Kalen Kraatz, a Paschal High School senior, said she was voting for the first time. Kraatz said she thought it was important for young people to vote in order to get their opinions across to politicians.

Snow said he agreed.

“Many of the issues that candidates discuss may not seem like they affect young Texans, but the decisions we make at the voting booth affect us all,” Snow said. “Whether in the immediate future or the long run, our voice is crucial.”

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