Biden’s f-bomb blown out of proportion

An open microphone, a landmark health care reform and Joe Biden – how does anyone not expect an outlandish comment of some kind? The now infamous f-bomb dropped by Biden in a personal congratulatory aside to President Barack Obama is being blown ridiculously out of proportion and mainly by the (gasp) GOP, with the immediate aid of FOX News.

Biden has made himself a wonderful target throughout his career by maintaining his consistent outspoken and effusive attitude. Though the health care reform is getting more than its fair share of the spotlight, it’s a shame this detail – so minor and insignificant in this scope and circumstance – is making such waves.

Quite honestly, Biden’s comment, “Mr. President, this is a big f—ing deal,” was not so outrageously out of place, given the gravity of the situation. And again, please consider the source. The vice president has a penchant for the unexpected and oftentimes inappropriate.

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man,” Biden said of running mate Obama during their campaign.

The real problems with Biden’s statement are that it aired over a microphone and that it contained such an intense expletive. If he had elected to utilize a less harsh curse word, the comment would have made far less of an impact.

As far as his intent, however, he was and is completely correct – the signing of the health care bill was and is undoubtedly a huge deal.

Fitting as his comment may have been, the vice president should have been more considerate and aware of the fact that an open microphone sat nearby.

To his credit, though, yes, Obama, that was a pretty freaking big deal. At least Biden’s accidents are committed with words and not with hunting weapons.

Andrea Bolt is a junior news editorial journalism major from The Woodlands.