On-campus motor vehicle burglaries rising

A series of four motor vehicle burglaries in Lot 4, located on the north side of the Amon G. Carter stadium, over spring break are the latest in a rash of such crimes recorded by campus police.

TCU Police Lt. Ramiro Abad said the department does not know who broke into the vehicles, and police are not sure if one person or multiple people were responsible for the crimes.

So far this month, 10 motor vehicle burglaries have been reported to police, a higher incidence than in past years, according to campus police crime logs.

In March 2009, five car burglaries were reported for the month, while two vehicle burglaries were reported in March 2008.

According to daily crime reports, a motor vehicle burglary was reported in the freshman parking lot the same day as the Lot 4 incidents. Other university lots on campus have experienced similar issues, Abad said.

“Generally, it’s because of items that are left in full view,” he said.

Abad said most thieves can tell what model radio or CD player a car is equipped with. They know what they can sell and are not going to break into a car for off-brand items, he said.

It only takes 10 to 30 seconds for someone to reach into a car and take a radio out or grab whatever is on the dash, Abad said.

University parking lots do have some security cameras, but because of the movements of the units, not all activity in the area can be recorded at all times, Abad said.