Peer alcohol-awareness program may be more effective

When taking advice on alcohol and drugs, students are probably more likely to listen to other students than professors or parents. That’s the thought behind the creation of a new peer education program called Frogs CARE. The purpose of the group is to increase alcohol and drug awareness.

The university hasn’t had a program like this in recent years and, given the prevalence of underage drinking both on and off campus, it’s a good idea.

For many students, it’s easy to tune out a professor telling them to stay safe over a break. It’s more difficult to ignore someone your own age speaking honestly about substance abuse.

The peer educators won’t just be any students either. Each peer educator will be trained and certified before they begin offering advice to peers.

Involved students should strongly consider applying for the program. Not only is it a great chance to help others, but it’s also an opportunity to have honest discussion about campus drug and alcohol use.

Although the university has Campus Life for students to turn to, the friendly face of a student adviser might be the key to having an open forum on drug and alcohol use.

News editor Libby Davis for the editorial board.