Students should prove school spirit with video contest

Proud Horned Frog football fans should take advantage of the new video contest sponsored by the athletics department. The contest allows students to show their appreciation for and pride in the Horned Frogs by highlighting the team’s achievements from the 2009 season with videos and photos. The winning video will be featured at the 2010 season opener against Oregon State on Sept. 4 at Cowboys Stadium.

All students interested in submitting a video should enter the contest regardless of their level of video experience, or inexperience, as any proud fan who screams Riff Ram to full lung capacity already has the spirit that the contest’s creators are seeking.

Students should be thrilled to have a hand in making a promotional video for a team that performed so well last season and brought so much media attention to a small private school.

The opportunity to showcase one’s pride in a Frog team that has come so far by creating a video for the season opener is not only an honor, but a reflection of the creativity and talent university students will inevitably demonstrate with submissions.

Associate editor Anna Waugh for the editorial board.