SGA should re-examine allocation of funds

With other comparable schools like Baylor University and Rice University charging students an annual fee that nears or is more than $100, and with no increases to the TCU student body fee since 2005 , it was warranted for the Student Government Association to propose to raise the annual student body fee from $48 a year to $90.

While an increase in the student body fee is merited, SGA should re-examine how that funding will be allocated if the Board of Trustees approves the proposal.

The Activities Funding Board, which funds student organizations, would receive $50,000 per semester to distribute among student groups. However, an SGA official said that last semester alone student organizations requested $95,000, and SGA only had $35,000 to give. While the student body fee increase would boost resources, the allocation to that particular fund would still fall short of the demand. On the other hand, funding for the fall concert would increase from $23,000 to $150,000, according to SGA.

SGA’s concert choices have undoubtedly been crowd pleasers, but student representatives should review whether it is reasonable to funnel all that money into one night instead of initiatives with long-term benefits.

Editor-in-chief Julieta Chiquillo for the editorial board.