Video – “Come as you are”

Video - Come as you are

A student ministry group hopes to “Ignite” faiths of all kinds by congregating together for one day each week.

Women, men, friends, strangers, art majors, business majors.

Whether it be by word of mouth, t-shirts, or candies, many students have found out about Ignite and have taken the time out of their day at 9 p.m. every Monday for four weeks to come worship.

The new campus ministry was developed by senior fashion merchandising major Paige Nettles and a group of student leaders.

Addressing the crowd, Nettles says: “When God put it in my heart in December to get this going, there was absolutely no way I would have ever imagined there would be over 500 people in this coliseum every single week. And I am just so thankful for it.”

Carter English, a senior marketing major and an Ignite leader, said what makes Ignite different from other ministries is that it is completely student-led and it’s non-denominational.

“I think it’s popular because of our diverse leadership,” says English. “Our leadership team is people from all different backgrounds with all different friends and God has blessed us with a large range of students from all over the place.”

Lindsay Wilson, a junior art education major and an Ignite leader, says the diversity of students is due to the comfortable nature of Ignite.

“I come to Ignite because I feel like our campus needs something like this where everyone can feel comfortable, believers and non believers,” says Wilson. “It’s just kind of a safe environment for people to come and really praise God and hear the message.”

With such a fresh beginning at the closing of the semester, Ignite is left in the hands of it’s many followers and remaining leaders.

But the message will be the same.

Come as you are.

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