After three different homes, TCU can rest easy in Fort Worth


From starting near Hell’s Half Acre to its time in Thorp Spring, Texas, to the fire that destroyed the Waco facilities, the university is finally able to celebrate its 100th anniversary in a hometown.

From the days when the old groundskeeper Cowboy Monroe would spray students with his garden hose if they dared step on the grass to when some pranksters placed a local cow in President Waits’ office, the university has a rich history in Fort Worth.

But it has been more than amusing anecdotes, new buildings and a nationally-recognized athletic program,. alumni, faculty, students truly love and become fundamentally involved in progressing and expanding TCU with every generation.

This fall semester, the university enrolled its largest class ever of 1,821 students from more than 14,000 applications. This summer, the university reached its fundraising goal of $250 million two years ahead of schedule.

Sabrina Gordon, a freshman fashion merchandising major, said that when it came down to making a decision about which school to go to among the six she was accepted to, she decided to attend TCU. She said she felt the school’s atmosphere contributed to a sense of belonging for students, faculty and staff.

“Everyone here is meant to be here,” Gordon said.

Melissa Gilbreath, a freshman nursing major, was valedictorian of her class and said it was in her family history to attend TCU.

“My grandparents went here, so TCU has been in my blood,” Gilbreath said.

Wes Waggoner, director of freshman admissions, said strong leadership in combination with constant reevaluation and improvement kept the university ahead of the curve.

Waggoner said students like Gordon and Gilbreath chose the university because the atmosphere on campus is genuine.

“The experience they have here when they come to campus…it feels like home, the friendliness of students…the students are happy here, and you can’t fake that,” Waggoner said.

It’s doubtful many of us realize how much pride we will find in our school. But as we pass through the tree-lined walk in front of Sadler Hall, study in the library with friends, and run to extracurricular activities, Horned Frog pride seeps into our hearts. We learn the cheers, collect the paraphernalia, and make our mark on the campus.