Dear Waco: Thanks for everything


Texas Christian University

2800 S. University Dr.

Fort Worth, TX 76129

September 17, 2010

City of Waco, Texas

PO Box 2570

300 Austin Ave.

Waco, TX 76702

Dear City of Waco,

It has been more than 100 years since we were graced with your company and goodwill; more than a century since a fire on the fourth floor of our Main Building did more than $150,000 in damage to our facilities and resources and almost as long since we were forced to relocate due to financial strain.

We would like to thank you for your support at that time. Your whole community stepped up in expressing sympathies and opening their homes to our displaced populace as our Board of Trustees began to contemplate the next step. Even our rival, Baylor University, offered ideas for fundraising for new facilities.

And when we needed your support the most, thank you for grossly overbidding expected city aid for our continued existence in your great city and starting a bidding war for TCU. Because of your blunder we were able to be enticed back to our roots in good old Cowtown, where we received land, aid, utilities and assurance of city-wide support, and eventually secured the endowment provided by Mrs. Mary Couts Burnett that has ensured our continued existence as a top-notch university ever since.

Thank you, Waco, for everything. Tell our friends at Baylor hello for us, and that we can’t wait to see them on Sept. 18. You’re all invited to our celebratory party after the game for the continued winning streak of our football team.

Warmest regards,

Danika Scevers

Texas Christian University