Bob Schieffer to receive Fourth Estate Award

Bob Schieffer to receive Fourth Estate Award

Bob Schieffer, the namesake of TCU’s Schieffer School of Journalism, will receive the National Press Club’s prestigious Fourth Estate Award in October, according to information from the Schieffer School’s website.

The award is considered to be the Club’s top honor and recognizes Schieffer for his “lifetime of distinguished contribution to American Journalism,” according to a news release on the award.

Schieffer School Director John Lumpkin wrote in an email that the award is an honor for the Schieffer school.

“This is yet more testimony to the profound role that our school’s namesake has played in broadcast journalism in the United States,” he said.

Lumpkin said the award was special because students in the first class of the Schieffer School in Washington D.C. would be with Schieffer at the National Press Club to see him accept the award.