Frogs for the Cure is more than a pink-out game

The sixth annual Frogs for the Cure event will take place in just a couple of weeks, and many more than just breast cancer survivors are impacted during its planning.

Frogs for the Cure is more than just a pink-out game. The activities leading up to the event combine the skills and creativity of students, faculty and community members who are all coming together for a common cause.

The month’s events include an awareness luncheon featuring a state senator, an iTunes fundraiser with original music by alumnus Tim Halperin and a video campaign that involved a myriad of student groups.

Frogs for the Cure also provides an opportunity for students to put classroom skills to use in professional projects that benefit the charitable cause.

Strategic communication majors used their public relations skills to create posters and publicize Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

During the making of the video campaign, fine arts majors collaborated with student groups to choreograph different scenes.

Film, television and digital media majors edited footage to create the commercial that will be aired during the Oct. 16 game.

Frogs for the Cure is a good opportunity for students to live out the mission statement by acting as ethical leaders and responsible citizens through the collaboration of their skills for charity.

Sports editor Madison Pelletier for the editorial board.