Newly-installed ID card swipe will keep library exclusive to students

Newly-installed ID card swipe will keep library exclusive to students

A newly-installed ID card swipe outside of Mary Couts Burnett Library gives exclusive access to the library for students during the hours of midnight to 7 a.m., June Koelker, the dean of the library, said.

The new card swipe location is not for security purposes, but was implemented to enhance library use for students by keeping out non-students during the later hours, Koelker said.

Students entering will now have to swipe their TCU ID to get in the front door, then again at the turn-styles in the entryway.

“I think all the way around it enhances the evening delivery of our library services,” Koelker said. “The reason the library has a third shift is for TCU students, not for the public.”

Koelker said she hoped that by implementing the card swipe students would know when they come into the library that it is reserved exclusively for their use.

“We had the card swipes in place with the turn style and wanted to put them on the front as well,” Koelker said.

Koelker said she took the idea for the new card swipe to Chancellor Victor Boschini to be approved.

Once approved, Koelker said TCU Physical Plant installed the card swipe.

Anyone with questions about using the card swipe at night should contact the library staff who work during those hours at 817-257-7664, according to the campus-wide e-mail.

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