People should find time to check weather alerts

During a thunderstorm, I pay close attention to any weather updates that appear on my browser or my phone. Even knowing that there could potentially be a tornado within a 50-mile radius freaks me out. I am quite fearful of wind-powered death machines traveling at 50 mph 8212; because that’s what I see when I think of tornadoes. But rationally speaking, other people are normal and don’t overreact as much as I do.

I was quite surprised to discover that according to an official at the National Weather Service, only about 63 percent of people understand the severity of weather warnings. I understand that everyone, especially students, are quite busy, but it’s important to be aware the possibility of 40 mph winds that could make your trip home that much more annoying, or if there’s lightning that may or may not interrupt your evening jog. Although events like these are rare and it’s easier to believe that things don’t happen like that in Texas, in hindsight sometimes a quick weather update can make all the difference.

So frantically checking up on weather updates, watches and warnings are part of my everyday life. Now, realistically, I don’t expect others to be as “attentive” as me.

What would be nice is for people to realize that it’s better to be informed and prepared for a swirling funnel of death, than waiting for the weather to surprise you.

Web editor Maricruz Salinas for the editorial board.