SGA election results

SGA election results

Junior Jackie Wheeler and sophomore Brent Folan will begin preparation for their new offices as student body president and treasurer following the student body election, which ended at noon Wednesday, University Union Activities Coordinator Brett Phillips said.

Uncertainty still faces vice presidential candidates, as junior Brett Anderson and sophomore Brian McDermott, who will compete in a runoff election Thursday, Phillips said.

The runoff is necessary because none of the three candidates, Anderson, McDermott or sophomore Tim Cason, received more than 50 percent of the votes,

Phillips said. Cason will not be in the runoff election because he received the fewest votes. Students can cast their votes for the runoff Thursday from 7 a.m. to midnight on their accounts.

Once the election results are final, students will work with the current officers to transition to the new positions in January.

After banners were hung outside of Market Square announcing the results, Folan, a finance and accounting double major, received congratulatory hugs and handshakes for his win.

His two-week campaign included making signs, stickers and buttons and delivering speeches to sororities, fraternities and various student organizations.

“The kicker was the grandfather clause, and that’s where we’ll make it so the tuition you agree to freshman year will stick with you all four years,” Folan said. “So we won’t have an increase of six percent like we did last year.”

Vice Presidential Runoff

Candidates: Junior Brett Anderson and sophomore Brian McDermott

Polls open: 7 a.m. Thursday

Polls Close: Midnight Friday

To vote: > Helpful Links > Survey Systems