The Purple Poll – Sports Edition

What do you think about Andy Dalton being on the front cover of Sports Illustrated?

Joey Monroy, sophomore, Film-TV-Digital Media: “I think it’s great. Especially for the image of TCU.”

Nathan Navarro, sophomore, Film-TV-Digital Media: “I think it’s pretty cool. I don’t think we have had anyone of the front cover of Sports Illustrated in a very long time. Other than the fact that this might be a curse, I think we will be fine this week.

Jeremeka Jarrell, senior, social work: “That’s exciting.”

Marc Milhollin, sophomore, nutrition: “I think it’s really cool.”

Katie Molloy, freshman, nursing: “It would make a pretty good cover, because his image represents TCU well.”

What does this do for exposure for TCU?

Monroy: “I think more and more people will realize TCU’s football team is an actually legitimate football team, and now everyone will hopefully learn to respect them.”

Navarro: “I think it’s a real good thing because we need help with exposure, and not a whole lot of people know who we are, but they might know a little bit about us because we are No. 3 in the nation. We still need some help with some legitimate exposure.”

Jarrell: “It will do a lot. Hopefully we will see a lot of stuff here.”

Milhollin: “I think it’s going to do good things. The last couple of seasons we have had a lot of exposure in a lot of different ways and this is just another way to add to it.”

Molloy: “I think it will bring a good image overall to our school, because he is a classy guy.”

Do you feel college football should adopt a playoff format instead of the current BCS format? Why or Why not?

Monroy: “Yes, so teams like TCU can prove they are better than others.”

Navarro: “Yes, I do, but college football needs to find a way to make sure the regular season still exciting, because I think that the fact that losing one game in the system we have right now is very dramatic, and it still needs to be a very dramatic thing if a playoff system is implemented.”

Jarrell: “I think we need some change so I say adopt a playoff.”

Milhollin: “I think it would great for college football, but I don’t know how it would be for the individual players because of the schedule the playoff’s would put out. If they did something like a sweet 16 like in basketball that would be really cool.”

Molloy: “I have no idea, but I guess a playoff.”