Working together makes renovations easier for everyone

From the hum of machinery and presence of traffic cones and caution tape to the shirts proclaiming TCU as Texas Construction University, there are constant reminders that our campus is undergoing renovations.

While the new buildings and renovations greatly benefit the campus community, the construction can be an inconvenience to current students. With that said, it is good to see university departments working together to minimize that inconvenience as much as possible.

The coming renovations on the Ballet and Modern Dance Building beginning this December caused the dance department to have to look for other accommodations for the spring semester. The department looked into using the three multipurpose rooms in the University Recreation Center, but thankfully for those taking workout classes, the dance department will only use Multipurpose Room 1. More studio space will be created at the bottom floor of the GrandMarc apartments. The rec center will still have 40 or more classes per week, but they will be held in Multipurpose Rooms 2 and 3.

Through different university departments working together and compromising, dance students will still get their studios, and rec center members will still get their classes. Construction will always create problems and inconvenience, but whenever these can be minimized as much as possible, it makes the renovation process that much more bearable for everyone.

Associate/Opinion editor Mark Bell for the editorial board.