The stadium should reflect a ranked football team

As we say goodbye to Amon G. Carter Stadium, memories and history will be missed, but there is no better time to bid farewell to the 80-year-old landmark than this season.

The more national success and credibility the football program receives, the more necessary it becomes that the stadium keeps pace with the team’s record.

This season, the Frogs continue their quest for a second consecutive undefeated regular season, are ranked No. 3 in the BCS standings and are predicted to attend a BCS bowl game. It’s only fitting that the stadium match the Frogs’ success.

The current stadium bathrooms, if you’ve ever gotten past the lines to get in, are not what you’d expect from a top-ranked college sports program. Renovating and adding additional restrooms is one necessary change that will take place in the stadium’s face-lift. Other changes include club suites, elevators and a new press box.

This season TCU broke its regular season attendance record with an average of 42,466 fans per game. Elevators are needed for easier access to high-level stands and for better crowd control with the growing attendance.

When the stadium is torn down, memories will not be forgotten and history will continue. As the athletic programs at TCU improve, it is also appropriate that the 80-year-old stadium improves.

Sports editor Madison Pelletier for the editorial board.