SGA doing its job well

Want some free scantrons? If so, you’re in luck. Student Government Association representatives passed a bill Tuesday that will make 2,500 scantrons available for students to pick up at the library.

This is a kept campaign promise, and it’s a great option for most students. As a senior majoring in the liberal arts, I am still running through my supply of scantrons that I purchased as an enthusiastic freshman.

SGA has stepped up in recent years by not only giving students a chance to offer their suggestions on ways to improve campus life, but also by actually listening to those suggestions. It just held Improve TCU Day, which allowed students to voice concerns directly to SGA representatives for consideration. Providing free scantrons is just the first step in improving communication between the student government and the governed.

The Campus Advancement Committee chair said the idea was to eliminate the stress students feel when scrambling to purchase a scantron in the final minutes before a test.

It’s a feeling of sheer panic that almost all of us have experienced. This is why we have student representatives, because they’re in tune with the concerns students face on a daily basis. From the frustration of being without wireless internet to the desperate need for water fountains at the intramural fields, the student representatives address those little challenges we face every day, making our lives a little bit easier one bill at a time.

Editor-in-chief Libby Davis for the editorial board.