Remember what gives TCU its unique character and feel

Following the incredible, undefeated season by the football team and the national attention the Rose Bowl win brought to the university, it is no surprise admission applications have hit an all-time high. It may be a surprise, however, that with the record application numbers, the university is aiming to decrease the number of students admitted and reduce the incoming class size.

Part of the charm of the university has always been the one-on-one attention given to students. And it is good to see that with more students applying, the university is choosing to be slightly more selective rather than taking in more students.

Dean of Admission Ray Brown said the university does not want to become too selective, cautioning, “You don’t want to get so selective that you turn your back on people who have made TCU what it is.”

University officials should continue to remember the factors that make the university unique, including a low student-to-faculty ratio, and work toward improving while maintaining the spirit of the university.

Managing editor Mark Bell for the editorial board.