Teachers, students visit campus for ‘Poly Universe’ workshop

Local teachers will join a group of 10-year-olds to learn from Hungarian artist János Saxon for an on-campus arts and mathematics workshop.

The “Poly Universe” workshop, invented by Saxon, would demonstrate the relationship between art and math using Saxons’ patent “Toy Family.”

Amanda Allison, an assistant professor and art education coordinator in the School of Art, said the “Toy Family” was a collection of plastic geometric shapes that children could use to learn about math while playing.

“The way we’ve decided to use this workshop is as a professional development for local teachers,” Allison said.

The teachers could sit in the audience and observe Saxon working with the kids, learning to teach math through art. The 15 students who would be participating would be students from White Settlement Fine Arts Academy and White Settlement ISD.

Allison added that Ronald Watson, director of the School of Art, helped bring Saxon to the university through their friendship. Saxon was introduced to the TCU community by Watson who had taken a group of TCU students to Budapest every summer.

“This workshop is actually the result of an international exchange between the two artists, between our director Ron Watson and the artist János Saxon,” Allison said.

“Poly Universe”

Workshop with

János Saxon

When: 9:00-11:30 a.m.

Saturday, Jan. 15

Where: Moudy 207N