Civil case against TCU begins Thursday morning

A hearing that will determine if a civil suit filed against the university will continue to trial is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. today.

The suit, originally filed in 2008, alleges that university officials attempted to cover up a 2006 sexual assault.

The plaintiff, identified only as K.S., and her lawyers claim in the lawsuit that the university “attempted to cover up the misconduct of the miscreant athletes by urging K.S. not to report the drugging and gang-rape.”

The university also failed “to exercise direction and oversight to assure the health and safety of the student, by ratifying the deviant behavior of athletes.”

According to her lawsuit, K.S. was drugged and sexually assaulted in 2006 by three former university athletes: Virgil Taylor, Lorenzo Jones and Shannon Behling. Criminal charges were dropped in 2008, according to Daily Skiff archives.

University officials Victor Boschini, Nowell Donovan, Ray Brown, Daniel Morrison, Kyle Brennan, Gary Patterson, Neil Dougherty, Gayle Boydston and Susan Adams are also named in the lawsuit as defendants.

The university’s counterpetition claims that TCU “had no legal duty to protect the Plaintiff from the criminal acts of Behling, Jones and Taylor.”

If the case continues past the hearing, the trial will begin Monday.