New sushi joint opens under GrandMarc

TCU students can now grab sushi within walking distance of campus at HammerHead, a new sushi restaurant and bar under The GrandMarc.

HammerHead, which opened Jan. 19, is a semi-casual Japanese-styled sushi bar founded by the same owners of The Aardvark, located on Berry Street.

Owner Danny Weaver could not be reached for comment, but event coordinator and bar manager Joe Ramirez said Weaver is a sushi fan.

“It’s probably his favorite food. I remember he said ten years ago “I’m going to open a sushi restaurant’, and here it is,” Ramirez said.

Greg Mason, a waiter at HammerHead, said the restaurant will be different from other sushi restaurants in Fort Worth because of the young crowd it will draw.

“The vibe from the students coming in and the good food make will make it a good place to come and eat. We are also the closest sushi place to campus for sure, besides what TCU serves in the dining hall,” Mason said.

Ramirez said he thinks HammerHead will provide competition for other Fort Worth sushi places.

“The food is excellent. Not trying to be biased compared to other restaurants, we just have a fresh taste,” Ramirez said.

Mason said the restaurant will start serving lunches next week and will also start accepting Frog Bucks so it can be more accessible to students.

Christa Avery, a senior film-television-digital-media major said she would try it if she’s around campus.

“I don’t usually eat sushi, but I might try it when I’m around campus for lunch,” she said.

HammerHead is furnished with red velvet cushioned booths, black seats, tablecloths and floors. The lighting is dim and the music is loud, providing a rock club atmosphere, according to Thrillist, a website of reviews in the Metroplex.

“Don’t come here expecting to hear club music. You’re going to hear grunge, stuff from the “70s, a wide range of music, but you won’t hear the fist-pumping “Jersey Shore’ music like the sushi bars in Dallas,” Ramirez said. “This is going to be different.”

Where: 2858 W Berry St. under the GrandMarc

Prices: $10-30

Prices range from $4 to $5 dollars for appetizers and specials go for $8 to $30 per entree. The menu also include sweet and sour chicken, curried shrimp, and chicken pad thai as specials.