New shuttle route shows power of communication

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority,, or The T, announced in a press release Thursday that it would offer free shuttle service on Fridays and Saturdays to the West Seventh Street area beginning this weekend. The T’s announcement was a welcome and pleasant surprise because of all of the positives involved.

Joan Hunter, The T’s spokeswoman, said the service was a good way for students to access the West Seventh area’s entertainment opportunities.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills noted the environmentally friendly aspect of the service, which would cut down on the amount of driving students do.

TCU Police Sgt. Alvin Allcon said the shuttles could reduce the number of students who drink and drive on the weekends.

In addition to these positives, the service seems like it would be a good “release valve” for students without cars who suffer from “campus cabin fever” when they can’t get off campus often enough. The feeling of being trapped on campus will be all too familiar to anyone who was stranded at TCU because of last week’s weather.

Mills said that after a group of students asked the Board of Trustees last fall to begin some kind of shuttle service, the board began working with The T to create the program.

The establishment of this shuttle program shows how much can be accomplished when effective, open communication between students and the administration takes place.

Associate/opinion editor Marshall Doig for the editorial board.