Student Filmmakers Association to hold competition

Prospective members interested in joining the TCU Student Filmmakers Association will have the opportunity to see what the organization is all about Friday.

Nathan Pesina, strategic co-chair of the competition, said SFA will be holding a 24-hour film competition that will be open to all TCU students. The competition was moved from its original date to Feb. 18 due to the ice storms two weeks ago.

Students will have the opportunity to choose the genre of their films, which can range from comedy to horror, superhero to romantic, said SFA President Chelsea Hicks. Judges will include veteran members of SFA, the executive committee and any student who would like to view the films.

Pesina said he participated in last semester’s competition and worked to make a commercial for Doritos.

It was a lot of fun,” he said. “I got to try my hand at camera work, lighting and even acted in it.”

Pesina said SFA officers will separate the contestants into teams to ensure that there are group members with varying experience. After 24 hours, the contestants will submit their entries and wait for SFA to screen the films.

“Every semester we expect the creativity level to rise,” Pesina said.

Hicks said she could not wait to see how the videos turned out.

“I really want to see a variety of different opinions and ideas present in the films,” she said.

Not only do the officers of SFA want this to be a preview of what the organization is about, but Hicks said she also wants this to be an enjoyable learning experience.

“My goal is for everyone to learn how to get through something so stressful and hectic in a good positive way…and to have fun,” she said.

An assortment of prizes, such as gift certificates, will be awarded to the winners of the competition, Hicks said.

Student Filmmakers Association 24-hour film competition

When: Friday, Feb. 18 7 p.m.

Where: Moudy Building South atrium

Who: Any interested TCU students