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TCU Police continue vandalism investigation


TCU Police are continuing to investigate the vandalism in which vandals damaged a camera and a headset, stole decals, and discharged a fire extinguisher inside the stadium.

Vandals who got into Lupton Baseball Stadium on Wednesday night probably entered the stadium before it was locked up for the evening, TCU Police Sgt. Michael Hanvey said.

“This evidently happened while the stadium was open and someone was in there washing clothes. They had to get inside while a gate was open,” he said.

However Ross Bailey, associate director of athletics, said it was likely the vandals got in by climbing over the fence that surrounds the stadium since the stadium gates are locked after hours. Bailey also said he did not believe the vandals were TCU students.

“We all have too much respect for university property and university facilities,” he said.

Hanvey said the incident was still under investigation and that he was unaware if any suspects had been identified.

TCU Police declined to release information regarding possible suspects Monday night.

“The detectives are working on it…but they may have [suspects] already,” he said.

Bailey said most of the damage had been fixed by Thursday night and that upcoming TCU baseball games would not be affected by the vandalism.

“We’re ready to go,” he said. “They broke a camera and some stuff, but we can live without it for a day.”

TCU Athletics declined to comment on monetary damages, and has turned the matter over to TCU Police.

Hanvey said the stadium was the target of vandalism several years ago.

“It has happened in the past,” Hanvey said. “It was just some kids looking for something to do.”

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