Article on murdered transgender woman lacked sensitivity

A story in March 11’s paper about Marcal Camero Tye, a transgender woman who was murdered in Arkansas, offended some of our readers. We received numerous emails and phone calls pointing out both a factual error in the story and an error in judgment on the part of the editors.

There was a factual error in the story. Originally, the story listed Tye as a man in women’s clothing when she was in fact transgender. The Associated Press corrected the article the same day, but did not issue an official retraction.

The story originally appeared in the Associated Press’ “Oddities” section. In hindsight, a story about a murder should not have been included in the Skiff’s weird news section. The Skiff editors did not look at the story objectively during the editorial process. As editors, we do not treat matters like murder lightly.

Editor-in-chief Libby Davis for the editorial board.