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Programming Council takes on world record for hide and seek

The classic game of hide and seek may take on a whole different meaning at TCU on Friday.

TCU Programming Council members said they are hoping to break the Guinness Book of World Records current record for the largest game of hide and seek ever played in the world. Students have a first-hand chance to be part of breaking the record.

Michael Drozd, a freshman business major and creator of the event, said he was excited his idea is now becoming a reality.

“I was sitting at home over Christmas break trying to think of something fun to do over the semester,” Drozd said. “I saw a bunch of other schools have been breaking world records and I thought we could do it too.”

Drozd decided on breaking the hide and seek record because it seemed possible to accomplish. He said playing the game would build a community with students and provide them with a fun activity at the same time.

Brad Thompson, student activities and marketing coordinator, said he couldn’t wait to see TCU break a world record.

“We thought it would be a really good idea. Just attempting to break a world record is always exciting, so we decided to just give it a try. It will be a fun event, just having a bunch of people playing hide and seek in the rec after hours,” Thompson said.

Drozd said TCU would need 185 people to break the record. He said that there were around 130 people signed up, and he hoped that more would sign up this week.

“We are doing pretty good right now,” Drozd said. “We have a lot of people signing up so I think that we are going to break it pretty easily.”

Drozd said if TCU breaks the record, the university will receive a certificate from Guinness World Records that says TCU owns the new record. Drozd said TCU will be on the official website that will include a picture of all the participants.

Thompson said the record will be verified after TCU submits a video recording and pictures from the event. He said that witnesses of the event will also have to sign statements validating the record.

Drozd said a link was sent out via e-mail to the whole student body to access if they wanted to sign up. He said that the link will hopefully be sent out again before the end of the week.

Freshman philosophy major Taylor Qualls said she couldn’t wait for the event because it’s something that everyone could do together. She said she didn’t know of any other university that has previously tried to break the hide and seek record. It would be a chance for anyone interested to be a part of something big, she said.

“I think seeing everybody come together and work toward something is awesome,” Qualls said. “We will be able to say ‘hey, we came together and were able to break a record.'”

What: Largest Game of Hide and Seek

When: 9:00 p.m. Friday

Where: TCU Recreation Center

To sign up, visit and fill out the information.


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