Season tickets should be flexible to keep prices lower

An increase in 2011 football faculty and staff season ticket sales would not be a surprise after the Frogs’ Rose Bowl victory in January, but the TCU Athletics Department kept season ticket prices the same for all games played at Amon G. Carter Stadium next fall.

Season ticket prices went up by about 45 percent because of the inclusion of TCU’s Oct. 28 game at Cowboys Stadium against BYU as a home contest. At the moment, all season ticket packages include a ticket to the BYU game with no option to opt-out.

That game, however, should not be a mandatory purchase for faculty and staff season ticket-holders, who may want to enjoy only the games played at Amon G. Carter Stadium. A special package that included the game at Cowboys Stadium would be a better option rather than an all-or-nothing ultimatum.

Compared to other schools, TCU season tickets are substantially lower, and we should be thankful for that. But is this increase for season ticket-holders setting a precedent for years to come?

TCU Athletics did well to keep ticket prices the same for all games at the TCU campus, but including a ticket to the BYU game in the package should not be required. The team’s success may eventually require prices to be raised to include all games at Amon G. Carter Stadium, but until that happens, the department should provide options for prospective season ticket buyers.

Associate web editor Rebecca Jeffrey for the editorial board.