Admission should remain a personal process

With applications to the university almost doubling from 11,730 in 2009 to 18,903 this year, it’s obvious members of the Office of Admission have been working hard.

And with the university’s recent national exposure and improvements to its facilities, the number of applicants is not going to drop back to 2009 levels anytime soon.

To better prepare for a large number of applications in the future, Dean of Admission Ray Brown said figuring out a more efficient application review process is a priority for the summer. Brown said the process may have to become less personal.

While it’s a good idea to look at changes in the admission process to make it run more smoothly, administrators should try and keep the process as personal as possible.

The university prides itself on creating personal relationships with students, and the first contact for future students often comes from the Office of Admission. The personal connection during the admission process also gives prospective students one more reason to choose to come to TCU and helps the university attract the best and the brightest.

While there is no doubt the large increase in applications will necessitate changes in the admission process, keeping the process as personal as possible should be a priority.

Managing editor Mark Bell for the editorial board.