Overton Plaza Sprouts just in time for summer months

A farmer’s market sprouted up in the 109 on Jan. 26 providing nutritional and organic food to the community. Sprouts Farmer’s Market planted roots in Overton Plaza.

Sprouts Farmer’s Market has attracted both young and old in the community with its frugal approach to nutritional eating. Sprouts is referred to as the one place in the community where people can “buy fresh produce in bulk that’s also cheap,” 109 resident Lauren Tidwell said.

Sprouts spokeswoman Kim Rockley said, “We get excited knowing that local residents have wanted the choice to shop a healthier, value-oriented grocery store like Sprouts. Sprouts invites customers to enjoy a new shopping experience right here in Cowtown.”

The grand opening was a huge success with 109 shoppers such as Pierce Holt, “standing in line for 45 minutes.”

Sprouts lives up to the farmer’s market name with fresh produce and vegetables.

“I go to Central Market for the high-priced specialized items, Sprouts for fresh produce and vegetables and Kroger for everything in between,” said Kendall Chambers, 109 resident and Sprouts shopper.

Sprouts provides the 109 with a neighborhood market stocked with not only locally grown produce but locally made products as well.

“Sprouts Farmer’s Market carries off-brand products and organic foods that you can’t find at other local grocery stores,” said Holt, 109 resident and frequent shopper.

The Fort Worth store is the second Sprouts location in Tarrant County with the first opening in Southlake in 2007 and the 10th in North Texas since 2005. The chain currently has 56 stores in Arizona, California, Texas and Colorado.