Video: Trinity Shakespeare festival debuts kids camp

A normal day for Camp Willy kids and teens begins around 8:45 a.m.

At 9 a.m. campers attend their first class of the day where they explore the vocal range and tactics that they have to use as actors.

After their second class campers enjoy a break with healthy snacks and a chance to rejuvenate before they tackle their last class of the day. After lunch, they begin their two hour rehearsal where they practice everything their show consists of.

“There is a different rotation every day so that is something new every day,” Kelsey Milbourn, a camp teacher said.

The camp is divided into two groups based on the participants age. Camp Avon (ages 8-12) and Camp Bard (ages 13-18) work on speeches and scenes from Shakespeare.

The campers get to attend a combat class where they learn how to reenact a reaction that triggers fighting in a play. The campers are paired with a fellow camper and given contemporary scenes. They are taught that there has to be a beginning, a middle (where the fighting happens) and a resolution.

The kids in Camp Avon will reenact Hamlet’s Speech to the Players in their final performance this Friday.

“The kids get to explore the vocal range, the passion of the speech, the ups and downs of tactics that they have to use as actors so it’s a great speech to give kids,” Milbourn said.

Camp Bard participants are preparing to reenact scenes from Shakespeare’s, “Much Ado About Nothing,” “Othello,” and “Taming of the Shrew”.

“Watching these kids soak up this world that they are allowed to express themselves in, I’ve done these camps every summer,” Milbourn said. “I love to see new, fresh minds soak in the power of the arts.”

On Friday, June 24, the doors of Buschman Theater will open for the performances of Camp Willy. The camp performances begin with Camp Avon at 3 p.m. The Camp Bard performance will proceed there after. Friends and family members are welcome.

Based on the turnout of this year’s camp, director Claire Parker has high hopes for next summer.

“It’s looking good, I’ve been talking to some of the older kids who have expressed interest in coming back if it happens again. Right now we are planning on having it again next year, so that’s exciting.” Parker said.