Fraternity holds blood drive at Rec Center Friday

Students helped donate 69 units of blood at an American Red Cross blood drive on Friday, Red Cross Communications Associate Linh Le said in an e-mail.

The blood drive, sponsored by Delta Tau Delta, brought in over 40 student donors in the first two hours of operation.

Former Delta Tau Delta Philanthropy Chair Allen Kellogg helped coordinate the event with the Red Cross.

Kellogg said his fraternity wanted to encourage students to make a difference in the lives of people in need of blood.

“It’s a little thing anyone can do to make the world a better place. It only takes 30 minutes to donate,” Kellogg said.

Sheila Winans, a donor recruitment representative for the Red Cross, said the drought along the Gulf Coast has caused many donors to become dehydrated and unable to donate.

Winans said she was grateful for the university students’ eagerness to donate, especially during times of donation shortages.

“TCU is an invaluable resource for the American Red Cross,” Winans said. “I never even need to talk about the need [for blood]. You guys just show up to help.”

Donors like senior biology pre-medical student Mayur Patel knew the importance of giving blood to those in need.

“Students should definitely come help out the rest of the U.S. by donating blood, especially if you’re a universal donor because you’re able to give to anyone,” Patel said.

Winans said other university organizations have contacted the Red Cross for future blood drives, including the TCU ROTC and service organization Alpha Phi Omega.

She also encouraged students to come talk to donor representatives even if they think they are not able to donate.

“There are a lot of medications people can be on that make them think they can’t give, but they can,” Winans said. “So I say come and let us just talk to you about it.”

Le said the American Red Cross was thankful to Delta Tau Delta for coordinating the event, as well as to everyone who came to donate.

“It is with the help of donors, like you, that the Red Cross is able to provide blood to those that need it,” Le said.

Students who want to donate blood outside of dates the Red Cross is on campus can visit their website to find a nearby donation area, Winans said.

“Every donation has the possibility of saving 3 lives, so when you look at it that way, it’s so easy to be a hero,” Winans said. “It’s hard to say no to giving blood.”