TCU Student Media selects its new leaders for spring semester

The TCU Student Media elected some new members to lead the four news programs for the upcoming spring semester. 

Editor-in-chief of TCU 360 will be senior broadcast journalism major David Stein.

“I’m excited to get some news things rolling. Probably the biggest thing is we are going to start to incorporate more video. I’m excited to continue the project that we started and hopefully continue the success,” Stein said. 

Editor-in-chief of Image Magazine will be senior journalism and Spanish double major Wyatt Kanyer.

“I think the position is really unique in student media in that it allows me to cater to what the audience wants to hear and see on campus. I also think it’s a community building piece and tool that can be used to educate our campus,” Kanyer said.

Editor-in-chief of the Daily Skiff will be senior news-editorial journalism major Katey Muldrow.

“I think that it will be a challenge that will be rewarding in the end. I’m sure it will be hard while I’m doing it, but once it’s all said and done I think I will have learned a lot and I would have been able help some younger students learn what I’ve learned through TCU,” Muldrow said.

News director of TCU News Now will be senior broadcast major Madison Pelletier.

“I’m really excited to get it for a second semester especially because the broadcast journalism program is growing so much. I’m excited because we have so many reporters, we’ll have a lot of content and we’ll really get to utilize everything our studio has to offer,” Pelletier said.